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  • Introduction
    The need of Aircop
    BYCAL INC is professional sanitizing company producing natural disinfectants capable food
    addition  and producing  the cordless  fogger by using air compressor method for the first time in the world.

    Aircop can be used in any place ,such as, hospital, preschool, ambulance, public store, factory, school, university, general home etc for disinfection ,sterilization, deodorization with very cheap management expense



  • Features
    Aircop is projected to be used with battery and wireless, for the first time in Korea.
    It is canbe used safely as battery recharge method and using adopt in any countries excellent safety (using air pump system firstly)
    micro particle spray system (3 step spray system as using high technic)
    low noise (made by very low noise compared to other products,about 35db)
    high economical efficiency (it can be saved labor cost and time with widely spreaded spray)
    It is used the natural materials ,no harmful for body,usuable for foods under permit from KDFA.



  • Spec
    Type : Handy, cordless ultra-micro particle Fogger (Scheme rechargeable by Battery)

    - power : Rechargeable Battery : 11.1V/6.6A      
                   AC Adaptor : Input 110/220V, Output 12VDC
    - Battery
      • The time of battery recharge : 4~5 hours
      • The full time of use(1 time recharge) : over 60~90min
      • The use terms of battery: about 300-400 times

    - weight : about 4.5kg (included material))
    - Dimension : L380mm x W200mm x H 220mm
    - Liquid Tank Size : 1,300mL (8.2 lbs / 10.2 lbs(with full liquid)
    - noise level : 35dB
    - Spray information  Dimension(Volume): 18-40mL per  min
    - Particle Size : 20~40㎛ Time: 55~25min based on (Small, Medium, Large,)/1,000mL
    - Distance : 3~4m(6.5 – 13 feet)


  • Etc
    prevention on second infection by prompt sterilization in Ambulance.
    * can be used in many purpose, such as, restaurants, freezing car,school,preschool,hospital,home etc
    * natural disinfectant not harmful for body, also can be added food
    * can make hospital, restaurants and public stores to be competitive as using


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